Vijnana Yoga Workshop

Vijnana Yoga Workshop

Vijnana Yoga Workshop

Chris Clancy
Sunday January 28th 1pm-3pm
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$40 + GST
(tea will be served following the workshop until 3:30pm)

Explore the art and practice of moving from inside to access the wisdom of the body and learn to trust your own highest knowing.

Investigate the body through the lense of biotensegrity and experience how the anatomy of the 21st century can support painfree movement and ageless grace.

Allow the principles of rooting and connecting to arise effortlessly giving you better balance, supple strength, ease and grace.

Shedding the typical teacher-student hierarchy, Chris’ collaborative, community focused approach encourages students to explore, share wisdom and build on their experiences.

Chris is a dedicated yogi who honours her calling by empowering others to live their best life through the practice of Vijnana Yoga and the Embodied Biotensegrity movement.

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