Studio Etiquette Guide

Before Class

Eating/Drinking:  It is best to allow time for meals to digest before coming to class.  It is advisable to stay hydrated; drink water before, during and following your yoga class.

Clothing:  Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that are not too loose or too tight.  You want to be able to move comfortably without having to worry about your clothing.

Bring:  We are a fully propped yoga studio with mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and much more.  However, if you wish to bring your own mat, please feel free to.

Avoid:  We respectfully request that you avoid wearing strong scents such as perfumes, strong deodorants or cologne.

Arrive Early:  If you are visiting us for the first time, please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to allow us time to welcome you and to fill out any necessary forms.  In general, we ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before class to allow yourself to settle in before the class begins.

Once You Arrive

Entering the Studio:  Please enter the studio quietly in respect for those who may already be inside, possibly in a mindful practice of their own prior to class.  Please conduct any conversations with a sensitivity to those around you.

Footwear:  Please take off your shoes and socks in our welcome area using the shoe cubbies or shoe trays provided.

Electronic Devices:  Please turn your cell phone off either before entering the studio or upon your arrival.  If you accidentally forget to turn your cell phone off upon arrival and it goes off during class, please turn it off as soon as you safely can.

Communicate:  You will be asked to complete our intake form upon your first visit at which time we request you let us know if there are any limitations or concerns you may have.  You are the best care taker of your own body and we always ask that you listen to your body’s cues throughout your practice however we are happy to offer modifications or alternative postures if we are aware of limitations.  If you are returning to practice following an injury or illness, we request that you have received clearance from your medical practitioner(s).

During Class

Take Child’s Pose At Any Time:  If at any point you feel you need a rest, please feel free to take child’s pose (or savasana).  You are welcome to return to child’s pose at any time, even if the teacher has not specifically offered this posture.

If You Feel the Need to Leave the Room:  If for any reason (other than to use the washroom), you feel the need to leave the room, please let the teacher know the reason why.  Our interest is in your health and safety, if we don’t know why you’ve left, we are likely to follow up with you to ensure you are okay.

Communicate:  If you are feeling confused or are having difficulty with something the instructor is inviting you to try, please ask for clarification or help.  There are no ‘stupid’ questions, clarification will likely help not only you but others in the class as well.

Savasana:  Savasana or Corpse Pose (lying down on your mat with your body relaxed and eyes typically closed) is the final pose you will be invited into in the majority of classes.  This final pose is a posture/pose of integration and a very important part of your yoga class.  Please give yourself the time for the full savasana, your instructor will let you know when it’s time to come out of the pose.  Please plan to stay for the entire class.  However, if for any reason you need to leave prior to the end of the class, please communicate this to your teacher ahead of time and quietly exit the studio prior to savasana so as not to disturb the other participants.

After Class

Clean your immediate area and mat:  We are delighted to offer our clients a fully propped studio including mats, bolsters, blocks, straps etc.  We do ask that following the class all props are put away on the appropriate shelving, mats wiped down (mat cleaner is provided) and put away.

Communicate:  Please feel free to stay after class to ask the instructor any clarifying questions you may have about your yoga practice, we are happy to chat with you.

Take your belongings with you:  If you have brought your own mat, water bottle, props, jackets etc., double check on your way out that you have all of your own belongings.

Congratulations on starting a yoga practice!  We look forward to your arrival.