Kind Words from Our Clients

“The Space is a welcoming space, a safe space, a loving space. My intention has always been to grow my practice with integrity at a place and pace that is right for me. I feel blessed to do so with you. Thank you for holding space for me.”

“I recently moved to Crescent Beach and one of my biggest concerns was wondering if I would be able to find a good yoga community here as I was quite attached to the one I had. A friend of mine who did her yoga training with the owner of The Space suggested I try it and I am so thankful she did. This lovely studio not only made me feel completely welcome but each of the instructors brings something unique to their teaching. They are talented, heart-centred, bring valuable life experience, and have a variety of backgrounds that contribute a great deal to the classes. It has been wonderful to find this gem of a studio so close to my new home!”

“You have a wonderful studio and great staff. I, like many others, are very fortunate to have found you.”

“Thank you for your time and energy! Your Reiki treatment helped to shift things at a very deep level for me, which I find takes me time to assimilate. I, along with your yoga community love “The Space” you’ve created and continue to build.”

“I started practicing Tensegrity with Edi at THE SPACE about a year ago. I’ve had severe and sometimes debilitating back pain for about 12 years, so it was very important for me to work with someone that understood my limitations. Edi is knowledgeable, insightful and genuinely caring. Since I began practicing Tensegrity with her I have noticed a marked difference in my mobility and back pain. I really feel because her group classes are small they really allow her to provide the personal attention that some larger classes miss. Edi really is one of a kind and I could not recommend anyone higher.”
Angela St. Cyr

“Edi has many gifts and I especially love her Yogi Nidra classes.   The pace, tone and delivery are very important in order for the practitioner to fully benefit, of which I do! Thanks Edi! My Body and Mind are very grateful to you and Yoga Nidra!”

“THE SPACE is a fantastic place! This yoga studio is intimate and charming, the instructors are caring and knowledgeable, the variety of classes covers every aspect of our health and wellbeing and the weekend events add extra value to “the experience”.
I have suffered with a bad back (from a sport injury at 17) all of my life and have tried every intervention, pain relief and alternative therapy out there! But since doing yoga, I have, absolutely, no pain at all!! I am, now, 61 years of age and have never felt better in my life!! I look forward to taking on new activities that I never thought possible!!
I can’t say enough about the yoga practice(s) at The Space!! Thank you Edi!!”
Joanie Webster

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last night’s yoga nidra!  I realize how different each time is (and personally I know how true this statement is), but this one certainly was and is.  I am still feeling so calm and just don’t want this feeling to go away.  So thank you for sharing this amazing gift!!”
Wendy R

“I’m totally loving everything about being a part of The Space, the wonderful people I’ve met, tea and chocolate and conversation and the awesome effect yoga is having on my day to day life! Thank you so much!”
Anne M.